Bid Now… Rihanna’s Broken Phone Reaches $57,000 On eBay

The phone that Rihanna dropped while attempting to take a selfie has fetched bids of more than $57,000 after being placed on eBay for sale by the owner Steve Soboroff.

Rihanna was attending a basketball match between the LA Clippers and the Okhaloma City Thunder in an NBA play-off, seated at a courtside seat, when the Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff, who was seated to her immediate left requested a selfie with the singer. While trying to take the selfie, Rihanna had tragically dropped the Commission President’s iPhone on the hard floor, damaging its protective cover.

$57,000 Bid For Rihanna's Selfie Phone On eBay

Clearly embarrassed by the incident, the singer had donated $25,000 to a police officer’s charity fund. But the iPhone owner, Soboroff has since placed the device for sale on the online auction site eBay, and the bids have already gone through the roof.

The phoen which was signed by Rihanna, had reached $57,000 by Thursday evening. The proceeds would be donated to the LA police Foundation.

After the incident, the singer had a friendly exchange with Steve on twitter, where she apologized for breaking his phone. The Police Commission President updated his followers saying that Rihanna is donating $25,000 for the cadets and the families of fallen officers. He also said that he would be auctioning his phone, which was signed by Rihanna, to raise more money for the good cause.

Explaining the incident in detail, Steve said that he requested Rihanna for a selfie wearing the LAPD wristband to show support for the officers of the LAPD. But while taking the selfie, she dropped the phone and the screen cracked. The procceds raised from the auction of the phone will divided in to two parts; one will be sent for LAPD Cadet Program, and the other to the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation which supports the families of the fallen officers.


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