BFF Jane Pountney Kissing Husband Kieran Hayler – Spots Katie Price

Katie Price has been through an emotional week as she learned of her husband, Kieran Hayler’s affair with her best friend, Jane Pountney.

Having only recently discovered that she was six months with her fifth baby, it was hard for her when she found out that her husband had been sleeping with her best friend.

BFF Jane Pountney Kissing Husband Kieran Hayler - Spots Katie Price

The former glamour model has now claimed that she was already suspicious of her husband and his friendship with Mrs. Pountney, after she caught them in a moonlit tryst during a holiday in April, but had accepted the pair’s claim that it was nothing but a drunken kiss at that time.

The Sun newspaper has reported that Miss Price had been looking for evidence on her husband’s disloyalty for some time, but she had never suspected that it would turn out to be her best friend sleeping with her husband.

Katie had caught the pair in a passionate embrace during their recentholiday to Cape Verde, West Africa. She had then called Jane’s husband and had demanded that he fly to the island to settle matters with the others. Kieran and Jane had convinced the four that it was nothing more than a drunken snog, but Katie was on high aler and look out for her husband’s activities since then. After returning from the holiday, Katie had also checked the internal cameras of her house but had dound nothing incriminating.

Sources have also claimed that Katie had got pregnant with the couple’s second child hoping to prevent her husband from cheating on her, adding that she felt even more betrayed by both Kieran and Jane because they started the affair when she was hospitalized following the traumatic birth of the couple’s first son Jett, seven months ago.


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