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Beyonce to Tour with Jay Z This Summer?


Talked about for their glitzy on stage Grammy performance last year and several others Jay Z and Beyonce are again set to join hands on the stage for a concert tour starting this summer!

If rumor mills prove true the off-stage couple will perform a ‘Mr. and Mrs. Carter’ tour starting with the first show in Atlanta. So we get to see the two superhot pop stars together again on stage? Seems like it! According to news reports the latest plan by Beyonce is to kick off a with-hubby tour on June 13 and take it forward it August with a concluding show in San Francisco. That’s not all. They will be taking off to Europe after that and show up in different cities for sharing the stage again.  The tour is evidently a stadium-held show covering more than 20 stadiums in US alone. New York could see Jay Z and Beyonce perform in first week of July.

Beyonce to Tour with Jay Z

Beyonce to Tour with Jay Z

No official confirmation yet. Its just been three months since Jay z finished with his 52 days ‘Magna Carta: Holy Grail’ tour and for Beyonce the hectic touring has come to rest only last month. She was onto her ‘Mrs. Carter’ tour project for most part of last one year. Europe witnessed a terrifically ‘Beyonce’ show time with the singer’s ‘Drunk in Love’ and ‘Partition’ shows that raved the audience sending them electrified with her chair dance moves. Everyone’s been talking about it.

And while our favorite hip-hoppers have been making their own individual shows moving on to different fan territories now they may be close to hooking up for a together-project. Already it’s not unthinkable to find Beyonce suddenly hopping onto the stage during a Jay Z show. They have both made special appearances for each other. So much so good for their fans!

Sources close to the pop stars say last year proved to be rather heavy for the super couple who found it difficult to spend quality time together. They also feel doing a set of tours together will just get things eased up with their daughter Blue Ray who’ll get to be with both of them at same time. Right now the celebrity child is either travelling with the Magna Carta tour group or moves on to be with Beyonce. A little too much for her age don’t you agree! Well that’s life for the star hip hoppers. But with their latest show plans it’s the fans that may walk away with the cake. A single ticket for a dual show! That’s fantastic news for hip-hoppers around US.