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Beyonce Shares Family Pics On Instagram


Beyonce shared today few sweet family pics with fans and followers on Instagram and her website.

She may have been recently alleged of cheating, but in one of the photos she appears playing in the ocean and holding the “Roc” sign, which is of course for Jay Z’s record label.

Beyonce Shares Family Pics On Instagram

To the press she didn’t directly have said that she and hubby are on the rocks as the reports suggest. However, it is very clear that the singer is standing by him.

The first sign of their togetherness came when Beyonce changed the lyrics to her lovesick ballad “Resentment” in Cincinnati, which was part of her On the Run Tour stop.

Even though she may have sung onstage about someone being unfaithful, but it is very sure that she is living it up with family when she is having some free time away from work.

In one another photo the music power couple are seen frolicking together in the ocean.

Their daughter Blue Ivy Carter is also seen playing with Jay.

The family photo sharing session didn’t stop here. The Father’s Day outing was also there. The three-member family visited old Domino Sugar factory in Brooklyn on the day to see Kara Walker exhibit. In the pic Jay is holding the baby.

Also, it is interesting to note that the mother and daughter wore matching dresses and that too made from the same fabric.