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Beyonce acknowledges Jay Z/Solange Brawl With Nicki Minaj


The altercation is not yet over, with Beyonce issuing a new statement about the elevator fight involving the porpular singer Jay Z and her younger sis Solange Knowles.

The quarrel took place at an afterparty of Met Gala where the singer cum diva has issued a new “statement”.

The Oscar winning singer has emphasized at the brawl with a new song that depicts what the camera on elevator had had witnessed.

Last Saturday, August 2 marked a release of the popular female “Flawless” remix by Queen Bey and Nicki Minaj . The remix couldn’t pass a clean chit as numerous objectionable references have been depicted in the new version. Some of these include Beyonce recalling marriage troubles with Jay Z, singing ” Was I your pound cake?” Other reference involve words like “notorious elevator brawl.”

In an interview with the MTV, the singers had earlier revealed some of the lyrics like Beyonce sings “Escalate up with …, like elevators,” further Nikki sings “Yeaaahh sh*t happens when billion bucks are on an elevators.”

Started on May 5 with TMZ’s surveillance footage involving DJ Solange attacking, yelling and later kicking JayZ brother-in-law, the video went viral soon after. Later on May 15, The family marked a joint statement on the incident. “They were together in the elevator of the Standard Hotel and were heading to their rooms after the Met Gala” told one of the witnesses.

The statement revealed that both the accused have apologized to each other and are at peace.