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Bethenny Frankel Puts Oversized Men’s Garment To Calm Heat


What’s new on Internet this time? Bethenny Frankel gets bizarre, hides herself in oversized jacket just two days after she decided to try and fit into her little daughter’s pajamas.

The 43-year-old television star posted her picture in a large, navy-blue hooded sweatshirt with loose blue shorts over loafers. The intentions of the photo seem as if, she is answering the critics who defamed her because of an earlier photo on Sunday.

Bethenny Frankel Puts Oversized Men's Garment To Calm Heat

The reality show star founder was hauled upon by Instagram users because of her “inappropriate shot” in which she tries to sneak into her little angel’s fancy nightgown with matching hot pants. She captioned the photo “Guess it now time to start sharing clothes with her?” jokingly which led to many allegations and satires on the star’s wisdom.

Getting “mixed” replies from her followers, some found the picture funny, adorable and cute while others found it “too embarrassing” and “too skinny”, thereby projecting an unhealthy and mismatched body image. “Why don’t you eat anything? Eat something!” cried one of the followers in her comment section.

Frankel on July 14 defended herself against haters with an instant update saying “HELLOOO HATERS! World Scandal: Reality star and failed talk show host amuses her kid by wearing the pjs!” with a hashtag “#itcantbetrue”. Her other tweet read, “U have to do it when ur lil 4 year old princess demands ‘Mommy put my dress on please..’ & bursts out into giggles when you do what you’re told.”