Best Customer Service: Mechanic Travelled 15,000 miles to do 10-min repair

This would probably be the best customer service as a mechanic travelled around 15,000 miles in order to do a repair which he completed in less than 15 minutes.

It has been reported that the customer, Bill Cleyndert, was taking part in motoring rally, when a wheel bearing failed of his 1924 Bentley Super Sports.

He was completely stuck as there was no part available, and his last hope was Mr. William Medcalf, a dedicated Bentley mechanic.

Bill contacted him, and Medcalf without wasting any time started his journey.

He took flight from Heathrow Airport to South Korea, from where he boarded another flight to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.

Mechanic Travelled 15,000 miles to do 10-min repair1

He then picked a car and drove for around 7 hours into the Gobi Desert.

At 7.30AM, he reached to the Bill for repairing, which lasted not more than 15 minutes.


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