Benedict Cumberbatch no longer a bachelor

This news might come as a shock to many, but Benedict Cumberbatch is no longer a bachelor.

The Sherlock Holmes star has been engaged to Sophie Hunter, a theater actress and director.

Benedict Cumberbatch no longer a bachelor

The actor announced his engagement on The Times newspaper’s classified section with a paid-for announcement. The traditional style announcement carried the names of Cumberbatch’s parents Wanda and Timothy and also Sophie Hunter’s parents, Charles and Katherine.

The news has also been confirmed by Benedict’s representative, to The Telegraph. A wedding date has not been finalized yet.

Benedict, 38 and Sophie, 36 first met while shooting for the thriller movie Burlesque Fairytales in 2009, however, the news that they were a couple was only confirmed five months ago when they photographed together in the French Open.

On an interview earlier this year, when asked about his plans on settling down Benedict said that he imagines that he will be looking back at this point of time in his life and consider it an extraordinary moment, a moment when he realized things that were beyond himself and got on with other things in life. He said he didn’t want to use words like marriage, children or family but he hoped that he hoped that he would have family to look back with him on his life.

Ladies may be pleased to know that though Cumberbatch is gone, he isn’t the only old-school gentleman. Earlier this year in June, Eddie Redmayne of the The Theory of Everything announced his engagement to his publicist Hannah Bagshawe through the classified column of the The Times.


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