Bella Thorne Finally Breaks Up With Tristan Klier

The latest buzz tells us that Bella Thorne and Tristan Klier are no longer seeing each other.

Like all good things eventually come to an end, Bella Thorne ended her longtime relationship with boyfriend Tristan Klier which the teenager confirmed on social media site Twitter.

Bella Thorne Finally Breaks Up With Tristan Klier

Thorne who is 16 decided to part away from the student love after two years of dating. She Shaked It Up this Sunday on 24 Aug. Thorne randomly tweeted “Miss you already.. Wish you a safe journey <3." A fan later asked her on her tweet if she was still seeing Tristan, to which she clearly responded with a "No."

The couple was very vocal regarding their relationship status especially on social media sites. They were seen to have attended prom last April. According to sources the two of them have given tiny explanations for the break up.

Klier tweeted a photo of Thorne in July with love quotes and everything. “What an actress! I’m spellbound!"
But the tables have turned at his end with his social media presence going down. Urging his followers not to text him on twitter, he tweeted on Monday, "Don’t accuse a man fleeing fire for his own good, as guilty of suicide."

Thorne becomes more cryptic on Instagram, as she recently shared a selfie in which she waves confirming her split. She captioned it "Bbye," and further adding Jason Derulo song title"Riding Solo!!"


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