Basket Ball Olympic Champion Michael Jordan The New Billionaire

The billionaire list is now extended to basket ball players as well.

With the recent entry of Michael Jordan, the Basket Ball Olympic champion into the list, thousand have sent love and blessings from all over the world to welcome him into the big leagues of billionaires.

Michael Jordan

Forbes tags Michael Jordan, the renowned and acclaimed athlete as a billionaire. The magazine through its estimates computed and declared Jordan’s equity as owner of his NBA’s Charlotte Hornets which is a whooping $416 million. Adding to the details, the net worth of Jordan was totaled as $600 million outside of the team. Forbes further revealed that the 51-year-old basketball player is the head of the 89.5 percent of the entire team and owns it.

The price and value of the additional stake bought by Jordan last year in January 2013, in the Hornets is not known as of yet.

Jordan is known to have invested in the Hornets in 2006, and it was in 2010 that he became the controlling owner of the stake. After spending $175 million for buying Robert Johnson, the net worth of the team is now somewhere between $600 million to $625 million.

Apart from the stellar career in sports, Jordan also possesses the franchise and promotes a large number of brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Hanes, Wheaties, Gatorade, McDonald’s etc.

Jordan married Yvette Prieto, a model in 2013 at Bethesda Episcopal Church in Palm Beach and welcomed his identical twin daughters this year in February. Along with his new daughters Victoriaand Ysabel he also has three children with his ex-wife.


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