Australia is the craziest place on earth

We’ve all heard stories about Australia and it’s crazy animals, and these photos will prove that Australia is the craziest place on earth! Australia is on your bucket list, you might take it off after you see these insane photos. Some of these pictures are so crazy they almost seem fake! If you really love pythons, go ahead and visit. Just remember that they eat flying foxes there, and can pick up a wallaby. In case you were wondering, wallabies aren’t small. Wow. No thanks. Apparently the snakes hang out in shops. Can you imagine trying to find a new dress, and having a snake wrap around your leg? Oh my goodness! Apparently, not even going to the bathroom is safe in Australia. I don’t know how I would live out the rest of my day if I were to ever find a snake in the toilet! Have you seen a flying fox? Seriously, Google it if you haven’t. I’ll wait. Can you imagine happening upon one of these creatures! I would likely have a heart attack on the spot! Surfing is huge in Australia, and so are some of the great white sharks that join in! Yikes! And we won’t even talk about crocodiles. Crocodiles just walking around like they own the place. Crocodiles in the water. Crocodiles surfing, too. The great white sharks can’t even have that to themselves! Australia is also the home to the most poisonous spider on earth, the funnel web spider. And I’ve never heard of a paralysis tick, but I sure don’t want to meet one! The earthworms are humongous there, and mole crickets are definitely something I could live without ever seeing! These photos will prove that Australia is the craziest place on earth!










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