Athlete Pooped and Bleed While Race, Still Managed Eighth Position

No any sport is easy, and if anyone things that playing a game is easy, then he/she must read this article before judging anything.

#1 Meet Yohann Diniz, a French athlete, who won Gold Medal in 2014 European Championship and 2007 World Championship.

#2 He was taking part in Men’s 50km Walk Final in Rio Olympics 2016.

#3 Everything was normal for the first 45 minutes, but then things started to get ugly.

#4 A cameraman noticed some ‘brownish’ stuff getting out from his back, which means he pooped.

#5 Still, he continued his race.

#6 But after around 1 hour, he exhausted and collapsed on track.

#7 Surprisingly, after few minutes he again stood on his legs and started the race.

#8 He eventually finished the race and managed to get eighth position.


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