Arrested and Booked For Buying Drugs: Kevin McEnroe

A big setback seems to have hit the Tennis champ John McEnroe and famous actress Tatum O’Neal as their eldest son Kevin McEnroe was taken into custody this Tuesday, 15 July.

Kevin, 15 year old juvenile was booked against possession of controlled substance by the New York Police Department, according to reports.

Arrested and Booked For Buying Drugs= Kevin McEnroe

A NYPD spokesperson reveals that “Young McEnroe was caught red handed purchasing packets of drugs at night around 11:15 p.m. He was then booked and charged with criminal possession of drugs which is against the laws.”

As pet the reports from New York Daily News, he was tracked by 2 policemen at the East 4th St. Street near Avenue A. He could be seen confirming the deal with a 22-year-old man called Niro Meneses. “Everyone involved in this racket has been booked” said the official.

Bringing disgrace to the tennis champion, the high school kid was caught with “six envelopes of cocaine, 10 morphine pills, one anxiety pill and almost 20 painkillers.” the NYPD revealed.

O’Neal, the Oscar winning actress was also arrested for the same offence back in 2008 after she bought crack cocaine packets in the same city. Tatum was booked for misdemeanor possession and the famous Paper Moon actress headed to a rehab center for treatment four years hence in 2012.

Apart from Kevin, the couple also has two more children, younger son Sean and lastly daughter Emily. McEnroe and O’Neal exchanged vows previously in 1986 only to be divorced in 1994.


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