Anthony Cumia Fired From Radio Gig After Racist Remarks On Twitter

Shock jock Anthony Cumia is not with “Opie & Anthony” radio gig henceforth. He has been fired.

On Tuesday the 53-year-old satellite radio host lost his position after racially charged Twitter rant was unleashed. SiriusXM hunted the social media website to learn about a run in that he had in Times Square with a black woman.

Anthony Cumia Fired From Radio Gig After Racist Remarks On Twitter

Cumia claims the black woman had punched him repeatedly early Tuesday after he snapped some pics keeping her in the frame.

In an official statement released by the company it is said they have terminated their relationship with the host after careful consideration of his remarks on social media that was filled with hate and also racially charged. It adds further that Cumia has been informed about it on July 3, Thursday. The postings on social media and his remarks are abhorrent to the company and the behavior of the host is completely inconsistent.

The next morning Cumia tweeted the response saying, “Sirius decided to cave and fire me. Welcome to bizarro world….. After the weekend, I’ll have a better idea of things. F*** Sirius.”

The radio host had called the black woman as pic and also a savage violent animal.

Earlier Cumia wrote on twitter he is not wrong. He said, “My posts on Twitter after I was assaulted were profanity laced indeed but racist? Nope. Why should I afford my attacker any courtesy. Insane.”


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