Another kid who fell into Gorilla Enclosure decades ago was rescued without firing

As we all know about the recent Zoo incident in which a four year old fell accidentally into the Gorilla Enclosure and in order to save the kid, the zoo officials had to kill the Gorilla by firing on it.

Levan Merritt, now 35, has come up with his story in which he once had fallen into the Gorilla Enclosure at Jersey Zoo, when was 5 year old. But officials rather killing or firing, chosen another method to save the him.

In the whole attempt, the kid (Levan) was saved without harming any Animal.

Now, few people have stood against the zoo’s decision of killing the Gorilla. A protester said that security officials should have waited for some time to see whether the Gorilla was really in mood to attack or it was just playing with kid.


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