Another Five Weird Deaths happened in the History of Mankind

Few days ago, we had presented few weird deaths in the history of mankind and today we have brought few more unfortunate people’s story who died weirdly.

#1 Maria Pantazopoulos – She drowned to death while posing for her wedding photos near a river.

#2 Greg Austin Gingrich – He was fooling people by pretending to fall from the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, he lost balance and fell off actually.

#3 Gareth Jones – He was playing a role of a character and that day he was supposed to have heart attack. Sadly, he actually got heart attack and died on the spot and no one noticed initially.

#4 Vladimir Ladyhensky – He died after spending six minutes in a sauna at World Sauna Championship in Finland.

#5 David Grundman – He was gun practicing and hence was shooting a giant cactus. Unfortunately, after few shot one cactus branch fell onto him and he died on spot.


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