Anna Paquin Gets Hair Dye, Turns Pruple & Blue

Anna Paquin has lately quit her blond hair. She celebrating getting freedom of it post True Blood shoot and promotion. She is no longer contractually obligated.

The actress has died her hair bright purple and blue. She is much bold now and showed off the anti-Sookie look proudly on Twitter. She captioned the photo as: “@Auracolorist just fulfilled my teen dream of being a mermaid. @_smoyer whatcha think?”

Anna Paquin Gets Hair Dye, Turns Pruple & Blue

Stephen Moyer, her husband, responded to the Twitter photo immediately after she posted. He seemed loving the new look of his wife. He wrote, “Wow wife… You look amazing. #sookie is no more 🙁 Long live Mrs Emery…! Xx #TrueToTheEnd #tbs7 #trueblood.”

Earlier on July 6 the True Blood actress was asked whether she has any plans of dyeing her hair. She responded saying, “I’m changing my hair color as soon as I’m done.”

Anna was tired of vampires. She though of drawing inspiration from another mythical creature if not a mermaid chic that she of course achieved with her candy-colored tresses styled in beachy waves.

However, at the end it is to take note that instead of mourning end of an era she is celebrating it with fun. She could have never changed the hairstyle while playing Sookie Stackhouse.


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