An astronaut threw a boomerang while in a space station

Have you ever wondered exactly how the boomerang technique works? Have you ever wondered if it can still work if you throw it in outer space?

Back in 2008 Takao Doi, a Japanese astronaut, was asked to conduct an experiment by the boomerang throwing champion Yasuhiro Togai. Yasuhiro gave Takao a boomerang and asked him to throw it once he reached outer space in order to see if it would come back just as if it was thrown on Earth. Takao threw the device in the space station and was surprised when it came back to him. So, the answer is: yes, a boomerang can return to you if you throw it in zero gravity.

The reason it returns to the pitcher is because of the uneven forces, which cause it to fly in circular shapes until it reaches its pitcher. Since there was air in the zero gravity space station, the boomerang returned to Takao. However, if he had thrown it outside the station in the space’s vacuum, it would have floated like any other rock or space particle and wouldn’t have returned to Takao.


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