Amid Divorce Battle Sherri Shepherd Gets Baby From Surrogate

Sherri Shepherd has become a mom.

Her surrogate gave birth in Pennsylvania yesterday to a baby boy amid she being in the middle of a bitter divorce battle with estranged husband Lamar Sally.

The View host filed divorce papers earlier to waive her rights and responsibilities as a parent. If the court hearing comes in favor of her, Sally will not be able to ask for child support payments from Shepherd.

Lamar has filed papers in California and Shephard has done it in a New Jersey court. In New Jersey the law does not recognize surrogacy agreements.

However, it was interesting that Lamar was present for the birth of the baby boy but Shepherd was not.

A court hearing earlier today found Shepherd is not listed on the birth certificate of the baby and the full custody of the child has been given to Sally.

The two had announced their divorce this year in May after about three years of their marriage. The break up coincided with one another legal battle and this time first husband of Shepherd has filed papers mentioning to get full custody of their 9-year-old son Jeffrey.

Next month Shepherd will be making her Broadway debut.

She said God is good to her and given victory.


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