Amazing moments that never want to have

Some of these moments are so horrific that you will shudder just looking at pictures of them. There is almost nothing worse than stumbling upon a huge spider, or a swarm of bees on the way to your car. I’m one of those that when posed the question of what I would do if there is a spider the size of the table in my house will answer that I would burn it down. And I’m not even joking. I once almost passed out at the sight of a black widow. Another time, I saw a black widow under my baby brother’s crib and I knew my mom would make me kill it if I told her, so I just went to my room and prayed that it would not bite my baby brother! Some of these moments are worse than that! Imagine finding a spider inside your toilet paper roll. You might be afraid to wipe your hiney for the rest the day! I hope you all know, and Artesia your children not to ever approach a van with free candy painted on the side! What a creeper! I bet the people that came upon a crocodile in the road were really glad they were driving and not walking! I don’t even want to think about the possibility that there could be a snake waiting for me when I open up my liftgate! Oh my goodness! I don’t like any of these creepy crawly things! And these are just a few of the moment you definitely never want to have!


funny car




Amazing moment



Amazing moments

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