Amanda Bynes Gets Driving License Back; Spotted Driving BMW

Amanda Bynes looks like she is, literally, on the way to full recovery. The actress and fashion student was pictured driving her black BMW car barely few days after she was allowed to drive legally.

Amanda Bynes had her driver’s license suspended on 25th August 2012 for failing to show up in a number of court hearings related to unpaid tickets. She had also been arrested on the charge of driving while intoxicated, and had no less than five minor driving-related offences. Public records however show that she had six encounters with traffic cops in a space of less than seven months before she had her license suspended.

Amanda Bynes Gets Driving License Back; Spotted Driving BMW

She was also arrested in New York for tossing a bong out of her window, and then she was subsequently hospitalized for over use of marijuana. She was also charged for setting fire to her neighbor’s driveway near her parent’s LA house after which she underwent six months of treatment.

In May 2013, Bynes ultimately pleaded no contest to driving with a suspended license and was given a probationary period. And in February she pleaded no contest to “wet reckless,” which is a lesser charge than DUI, and accepted three years’ probation term after she cut a deal in the DUI case. She was also required to complete a three-month alcohol education program, according to the court order.

But now, she has really been bouncing back. When she was pictured driving her black BMW, she was with her grand-parents. After dropping off her grandmother to a salon, she took the wheel with her grandfather in the passenger’s seat. There were absolutely no hiccups of any kind for her on the road while she drove back to her house.


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