Amanda Bynes Completes Six Months Counseling; Charges Dropped

Amanda Bynes is no more in hot water for allegedly throwing a bong last year in May from NYC high-rise apartment.

She was arrested then after police received a call that a disorderly person was in the building. She was charged with criminal possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment.

Amanda Bynes Completes Six Months Counseling; Charges Dropped

This year in January the star was ordered by a judge to attend six months of counseling and stay out of trouble. Bynes and her attorney Gerald Shargel accepted the adjournment.

Then Shergal said the 28-year-old is making progress and they are pleased with that.

Now, after six months of counseling it is true Byunes has obeyed the order. The charges are no more with her. All have been dropped.

Apart from dropping of the charges the Hairspray star has also managed getting back the driving license.

In August 2012 the license was suspended after failing to show up in court repeatedly related to the unpaid tickets. Earlier to this she was also arrested for suspicion of DUI.

It looks Bynes now wants to improve as she is taking steps in the right direction. Recently the actress also completed first quarter at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Orange County.

Apart from all these, Bynes has also returned back to Twitter. She now seems much healthier and much happier.


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