Alfie Allen: Lily Allen Lied About Incest Role In Game of Thrones

His sister Lily seems notorious with her shoot-from-the-hip approach towards life.

Actor Alfie Allen is known to be keeping his sister in check with her comments regarding his show Game Of Thrones. All these after she claimed to be offered a role on the hit TV series.

Alfie Allen - Lily Allen Lied About Incest Role In Game of Thrones

Lily, 29-year-old singer said last month that the producers of the show offered her a role of Yara who is Theon’s sister. Lily said she had refused the role as she was uncomfortable with the first scene between the two in which Theon had to seduce Yara who he hadn’t met in a long time.

But Alfie, her brother who is the Game of Thrones’ Theon dismissed her statements and the comments and further declared that Gemma Whalen was the first choice for the role. In an interview with Vulture he says ‘All I will say on this is that’s it is not true.’

Lily, however told us thay she is still interested in working with the show but only in a different guise and character. She says ‘I would love to do a musical cameo like Sigur Ros.’

Lily who is now focused on her music career has released the album ‘Hard Out Here’ while Alfie plans to continue as Theon in the Game Of Thrones serial as of now.


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