After reading this, you will never go to KFC

Yes, we all love going KFC to have some fried chickens but I bet most of us will leave going to restaurant chain after reading this story.

Well, it’s a story of Cassandra Perkins, 22, who went to a KFC outlet in Wellingborough to have some food and hence bought Zinger Tower meal.

She was eating very calmly and everything was normal until she noticed something very unusual in her chicken’s meal.

After reading this, you will never go to KFC

She when checked little closely, found that it was a ‘uncooked giblets and entrails’.

She immediately turned to the desk to complaint about this but the KFC staff were pretending like ‘it wasn’t a big for them’ and just offered an exchange meal.

However, she then uploaded the photo which she had taken already on social media.

Later, she received an official apology statement from the staffs.


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