Adrienne Maloof back on Real Housewives for mending stuff

Make way for her! She’s here with a Boom.

Yes, Adrienne Maloof is back on TV as she tells on social networking sites about her return to the Most Watched show on TV in US!

Adrienne Maloof back on Real Housewives for mending stuff

With a cameo appreance Adrienne Maloof vacillates back in the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She left the Bravo show back in 2013, three seasons hence and since then hasn’t shown up at the reunions or elsewhere. The Palms Casino businesswoman says she is now all set to come back on the show ‘with a bang.’. She says “Producers approached me to come back and want me in cameo roles.” She is to join vets Lisa, Kyle, Brandi, Yolonda and Kim. The newly admitted tryos Lisa and Eileen will also be there.

The reason for being back on the show, she says is “It just felt right to be back and complete the circle from the point where I’d left it.” Further adding to it, she said “I’m now a bit wiser and understand people better now. The unfinished situations that I was to mend would be modified in this fifth season.” Maloof was enraged with her and Glanville’s feud after Glanville disclosed private details concerning Maloof’s family back previously in the reality show.

Maloof said that she is very fond of the newcomer Lisa Rinna because of her “wine-throwing and catfighting craziness ability.” “Can’t wait to meet her and others on the show.” she said.


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