Adele is refusing to do a duet with Beyonce

The Internet is going crazy over the reports that Adele has turned down a collaboration with none other, but Queen Bey herself.

According to Heat, Beyonce has been trying to round up Adele over the course of an entire year in order to get her to agree to a duet. As awesome as an Adele-Beyonce duet might sound to all of us, the British singer surely doesn’t think so. The reports state that the 27 year old Brit has refused to collaborate with the R ‘n’ B singer for unknown reasons. The insider, who tipped off Heat about this news, remains anonymous, but claims that Beyonce herself asked Adele to make a duet with her. Furthermore, the 34 year old former Destiny’s Child member even visited the Brit while she was recording at the studio and has tried to convince her to change her mind on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, Adele is still refusing to take Queen Bey up on her offer.

The insider claims that Beyonce was hoping that Adele would agree to collaborate with her for the Brit’s newest album. And since the 27 year old Adele has turned her down, Queen Bey will do what Queen Bey does best – show the rest of the world what she’s really made of. In other words, the reports state that Beyonce will release the song she wanted to work on with Adel on her own later this year. Which, of course, means that the two will compete against each other in music charts all over the world. So, will Beyonce’s hidden weapon beat Adele’s newest single Hello, which has everybody going crazy over it?
Or are these just false rumors?

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