Accusation Continues In X Factor; Mel B Too

The X Factor is again equipped with cheating accusations, second time on the judge table.

Last time Fleur East’s Eighties Week performance of Monie Love’s It’s A Shame was the reason for accusation and this time Mel B said she was unable to hear act singing of Simon Cowell during chorus of the song.

Accusation Continues In X Factor; Mel B Too

She said, “That was a great performance, the only thing is on that chorus I didn’t hear your voice pop against the backing track so I found that a little bit like cheating.”

Simon and Mel B went back and forth and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini interjected.

She added that Fleur is fast becoming one of her favourites in this season of X Factor.

Simon said that Fleur is turning into an artist.

He also said to Mel B that she is making the audience think Fleur is cheating and this is something really unfair.

Not only this, Cheryl also butted heads with Simon as well as with Louis Walsh over eight-piece boyband Stereo Kicks.

Cheryl was not impressed with the group that sang Boys Of Summer by Don Henley.

Cheryl said she didn’t feel the hysteria in the room even though friends and family were present in the audience. She is distracted and not focused.

Simon said, “I don’t think you’ve been given enough credit, you haven’t been together long, but I am really beginning to believe in this group.”


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