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Nowadays telecommunication technologies have captivated the world. Even 20 years ago, people could hardly imagine that sometimes it would become possible to see each other over a distance of thousands of kilometers. But with the development of telecommunications industry, it has become possible. Modern people have many ways of communications due to the Internet: social websites, various messengers, online conferences on different platforms, Skype, and the like. That is why it is quite natural to call our time “the epoch of computer technologies”. Communications become easier after the appearance of the World Wide Web. Moreover, the Internet connection provides many people all over the world with an excellent opportunity to be employed without leaving their homes.

Why are such resources so popular?

Remote jobs online are becoming ever more popular nowadays. Why is it so? Let us consider some reasons that make such kind of job so attractive among many people worldwide:

  • A chance to be employed anywhere. With the advent and spread of Internet, the ability to work anywhere having a Web connection also appeared. So, you may find a good job in any country or city without any site specificity.
  • The ability to stay at home. Many people hate work because they have to commute to their offices every day. It takes too much time to go to the office and then return home. Traffic jams are like icing on the cake.
  • Working opportunities for disabled people. Disabled people all over the world have a great necessity in socialization. The Internet provides them with this opportunity, and they also may find online vacancies appropriate for their needs.

Of course, this list of reasons is not complete because each freelancer may have his/her own reasons for choosing freelance employment online.

Advantages of working at WriterWeb

One of the most popular online jobs is custom writing. The majority of orders in such services are received from students; thus, academic writing is becoming ever more requested. This is the reason why is searching for new authors to hire to our team. We are the online platform uniting freelance academic writers all over the world. If you have higher education or extensive working experience in a specific field, have a brilliant command of English (or you are a native English speaker), you are always welcome!

So, why us? Here are several advantages of employment in our writing team:

  • Individual work with every writer. You will have a personal manager dealing with your needs and answering your queries.
  • The ability to plan your working day as you want. We have flexible working hours, so you may choose the appropriate time by yourself.
  • Regular job. We are a very popular service and have already had our own customer database, which makes us able to provide authors with a constant flow of orders for fair earnings.
  • Professional technical support. All managers of technical support are experts of the highest qualification.

Need more advantages? You may easily find them at after a simple registration. See you on our platform!


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