A woman who possesses a visual acuity 20 times better

Meet the woman with the superhuman eyesight. This amazing German woman has superhero abilities!
The human eye doesn’t distinguish objects by their distance from each rather (unlike the macro filter of a camera, for example), because it detects the photons or light rays that the objects emit/reflect. The average ability of the human eye is to identify an object emitting a bright light from the max distance of 3 or 4 microns. For example, we are able to spot stars in the sky or objects far in the horizon, but we don’t see them clearly. Back in the 1970s the University of Stuttgart released ground-breaking information about one of their students – Veronica Seider, who is still shocking scientists with her eyesight. Veronica, a dentist from Germany, who was born in 1951, had the eyesight of a telescope. Her superhuman eyesight was 20 times mightier than the average eye’s. She could clearly identify people’s faces from a distance of over a mile (more than 1.6km). Not only that, but Veronica was also able to distinguish the blue, red and green dots that colored the images on a TV!


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