A woman called 911 to order cigarettes

One woman is making headlines after she called the 911 emergency hot line in order to order some cigarettes and wings.

There are countless cases of 911 misuse, especially ones that involve drunken people calling the hot line under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Of course, there are also some other cases, in which the people simply think it would be great to call 911 in order to complain about something stupid the dispatchers or the authorities cannot fix.

In this case, however, a woman from Clermont, Florida, US, called 911 for assistance, since she was hungry, had ran short on cigarettes and wasn’t in any condition to drive to a store. The 45 year old woman, who has been identified as Liann Gae Watson, told the cops that she was about to pass out unless somebody brought her cigarettes and chicken wings. She also told the authorities that she was too drunk to drive herself anywhere, which is why she was calling 911. When a patrol car was sent over to the woman’s home, she kept asking for her cigarettes and she reportedly showed severe mood swings – from hysterical laughs to uncontrollable sobbing. As a result, the cops arrested her and took her into custody. The woman showed signs of violence and the police eventually had to restrain her so that she wouldn’t hurt herself or other people.

The 45 year old didn’t receive any cigarettes or chicken wings, but she got charged for misusing the 911 line. She also got a prestigious spot in a number of headlines after her story went viral on the social media thanks to the fact that the Lake County Sheriff’s Office decided to share her case on their Facebook page.

woman called 911

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