A Spanish doctor, who went missing 20 years ago

One Spanish doctor, who was declared as a missing person 20 years ago, is finally found carrying on with his life in a forest located in Tuscany, Italy.

A 47 year old doctor, named Carlos Sanchez Ortiz de Salazar, went missing back in the distant 1996. His parents, who are from Bilbao, Spain, listed the man in the local authorities’ missing persons files, but since he was never found, he was officially declared dead back in 2010. Earlier this year a couple of people, who went mushroom picking in a forest in Italy, found a man, who claimed to have the same name as the lost Spanish doctor. He looked dirty and neglected and when the mushroom pickers returned to the forest shortly after they saw him, they brought with themselves a forest ranger. The doctor told them he didn’t want to live amongst people, which is why he fled Spain back in the days. Official reports state that before he ran away, the doctor was battling with severe depression.

As soon as the Italian authorities learned about Salazar, who had shown documents that proved his identity to the ranger and the mushroom pickers, they alerted his parents. The doctor’s family flew to Italy in hopes of finding their long lost son, but discovered that the man had gone missing again. All that was left of him was the tarp he once used as a shelter in the forest. There are speculations that the man traveled to one nearby village on regular occasions to find food and that he collected rain water to satisfy his thirst.

The doctor’s mother spoke to the Italian media and stated that even though she’s elated he’s alive and she respects her son’s decision to live far away from civilization, she won’t return to Spain before she gets the chance to see Salazar once again.

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