A guy had to pay more than $80k for Facebook post

Facebook is free to use and it will always be, at least that’s what the networking website claims. However, a man from Florida had to pay $80,000 because his reckless teenage daughter decided to use the social media.

Official reports state that the 69 year old Patrick Snay received the sum after winning a case against Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami, Florida. Among the many clauses Snay had to sign, one particular clause stated that he was not to give out details about the case to anyone. However, somehow his teenage daughter Dana was feeling the need to brag about something to her 1,200 friends on the social media. So, reckless Dana told practically everyone that her father had received $80,000 from the Gulliver case. She also added that Gulliver was officially paying for her vacation to Europe in the summer.

That’s right – Gulliver was paying, but now her father is officially paying back the money thanks to Facebook and his mindless daughter.

Facebook post

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