A fox breaks into house to steal Play station’s Controller

A cheeky fox broke into a house and stole a PlayStation Controller and everything got recorded in the CCTV.

It has been reported that the house owner, who chose to remain unnamed, along with his family was chilling in the home garden. After some time, they while getting into the house, saw the controller lying on the grass outside the room.

They noticed some other things were not on its place.

Then they decided to check the CCTV footage to know what actually had happened while they were in garden.

In CCTV footage, they saw a fox entered into the home and picked the controller and walked away. Animal left the gadget onto the grass and then again turned into the home.

The home owner later said to a local newspaper that he had seen foxes several times around his house, but never had thought that they would one day enter into home.


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