A Box Of Bees In An Elevator – What Happens Next?

I’ve been watching a lot of prank videos lately, and I find some of them are just plain cruel — this is definitely one of those videos. Although the video is not in English, you don’t need to understand what they’re saying to know that this prank is pure evil! In the video, prankster Canal BOOM enters an elevator with 3 buzzing boxes that say “living bees” on the outside. The prankster’s phone rings, and while he’s juggling the boxes and his phone, he drops them! The the people in the elevator are absolutely terrified, and as he tells them to close their eyes, he throws some sort of confetti on them to make it more believable that they are being attacked by bees. As someone with an irrational fear of bees, I probably would have peed my pants if I was in that elevator. However, as cruel as it is, you have to admit — this was pretty funny!


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