9 weird facts about France you should know

Well, whenever we talk about the most romantic place to visit in the world, the first place strike in our mind is Paris, France.

So, today we have brought an amazing list of weird facts about France.

Let’s get started:

#1 You can even marry a dead man/woman, it’s called Posthumous marriage


#2 There is place called “Pussy” and the people who live there are called as “Pussies”.


#3 Percent of French speaking people in France is lower than the percentage in Africa


#4 If you don’t say, thanks and please, your coffee would become more expensive.


#5 96% of the High Schools in France have condom vending machine


#6 There is only one stop sign in whole Paris


#7 France is the most depressed country I.e. one in five suffers from depression


#8 There is a place called “CONDOM”


#9 You cannot name your pig Napoleon there


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