9 Ways to Have a Splendid Second Date

First dates make everyone feel tense but second ones can be even more essential for your personal success. With the help of relationship experts from https://godatenow.com/find/, we picked the top 9 things any second-time dater should keep in mind and do in order to make his second date flawless.

  1. Pick her up. Arrive at your destination spot as a true couple! If you met at the venue agreed last time, today you should pick her up and go on a date together. In this case, you will not only explore your mate’s home area and get to know her even better but also make her feel the connection.
  2. Make references to your previous meeting. First dates are essential for getting the basic impression about one another and find out if daters actually have common views, interests, and qualities. Furthermore, it builds the foundation for your prospective couple. Mention some curious details from your first time together, raise subjects you discussed, and talk about what happened in between your two dates.
  3. Bring something. A small gift I mean. In fact, this is not an obligatory step for you might simply be unaware of your new partner’s tastes. However, if she spoke about her preferences last time, you may treat her with a surprise. Note what books she was willing to read or what delights she wanted to try and give it her on the second date. Be sure, she won’t remain indifferent to how much you care!
  4. Choose a place she will like. You might have already talked about where each of you likes to spend his/her time. If you know she adores long walks in nature, geek shopping, or sports games watching, take it as the main idea of how to spend your second date. Again, this is the way to show you really listened to her last time.
  5. Take up your favorite activities. First dates typically run under two different scenarios: one category of people chooses a conventional program that guarantees it all will be safe while the other prefers working out something original and tricky. Nevertheless, this happens because partners-to-be don’t know each other well enough and try to avoid awkward situations. But if you already know what you can do together, do it!
  6. Get more personal. Your second date is the time to take further steps towards knowing your lover’s soul. During first dates, most people tackle rather standard and neutral topics. Since you have already built some bond, you can ask more questions about various subjects. I believe that in the beginning of a relationship, every date should bring two people closer and closer.
  7. Leave cliffhangers. Apart from relying on your last meeting, you should make her wait for the next one. Your conversation still remains the main component of the program so fill it in with some cliffhangers: tell your mate about cool places you can visit together in the future or events to take part in. Create the platform for your further interaction!
  8. Touch her. First dates usually run without physical contacts (unless your intentions aren’t serious). If you’ve won the second date, you are entitled to loosen up this time. Well, it is definitely not about abandoning your gentleman manners or being overly intrusive. Caress her palm gently, wrap your hand around her shoulder, and so on.
  9. Give a more intimate kiss. This is the part all daters love. It is totally okay to end your first date with a kiss if it was great. As your connection gets stronger, you can do it differently now. Use your hands, your tongue, and make it diverse. Yet do not rush the things by going too far!

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