9 warning signs to prove you may be the victim of HIV

Most of us know that HIV is a sexually transmitted disease, but wait a minute, it’s not only transmitted through sexual contacts, I mean there are several other ways as well which can infect you.

However, we are not here explaining the methods of infections but here we are here showing today the conditions which explain that you may have become the victim of HIV.

Let’s get started:

#1 Fever – Fever is a normal thing, but if it continues for long without any other special reasons, then you need to be checked.

#2 Weakness – HIV directly affects your stamina and concentration power. So you start feeling weakness.

#4 Muscle Ache – Especially at Joints and headache

#5 Rashes on Skin – In the form of Itchy Rashes

#6 Weight Loss – You lose interest in having food or anything, which directly affects your weight.

#7 Sweating in Nights

#8 Dry Coughs

#9 Your nails get brittle and discolored


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