85 year old lady got pregnant after years of praying

Meet Margaret Allen, an 85 year old lady who already has 14 kids, but she doesn’t have any grandchildren.

But her desperation of having grandchild led her to another level.

Read below the full story:

#1 After failing to convince her children to give her a grandkid.

#2 She thought to take the responsibility in her own hands.

#3 She planned of giving birth to her own child whom she can treat like grandchild.

85 year old lady got pregnant after years of praying1

#4 She started praying to god whole day and sleeping with her 22 year old boyfriend whole night.

#5 And finally the day came, when she became pregnant.

#6 She is now 4 months pregnant, and is planning to name her child as “Miracle”.


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