8 Green Flags to Look for if You’re Dating a New Girl

Misplaced feelings are one of the main problems contemporary daters face. On the one hand, you nowadays can choose any lady you want. On the other hand, there is a big risk to end up being with the wrong person and then, massive frustration is inevitable. Do you make the same mistakes over and over again? In fact, there are universal things that prove your compatibility whether you look for a soulmate nearby or date single girls from Russia online. So I decided to outline some green flags to help you distinguish a woman that matches you perfectly.

  1. You can be yourself with her

Modern people have a plenty of choices when it comes to romantic relationships: you aren’t obliged to be faithful to one and only person for a lifetime. To attract more partners, many of us wear masks that allegedly boost their charm. Yet real love is impossible without sincerity. If you feel good about who you are, you’ve probably met the right girl.

  1. You communicate as partners

It’s believed that women are free to express their mind anytime and anywhere while men should listen and give feedback. But a healthy long-term relationship unites two mature people who communicate as equals – so watch out if your girlfriend pushes you to take a backseat.

  1. Your private space means something to her

During the honeymoon phase, many people feel the strong urge to see each other 24 hours a day. Not that it was a crime but I swear to you: any relationship won’t survive for too long if mates break into one another’s private space. It is natural that we all have some hobbies, work duties, and friends so the right girlfriend shouldn’t be jealous about it.

  1. She gets along well with your dearest ones

Wouldn’t you agree this is one of the main indicators of compatibility? Yes, you may lose your mind when she’s around but your closest friends and family members can see her real essence as they don’t wear pink glasses. Keep the tabs on how she communicates with them and how they react to her.

  1. You know she is trustworthy

Mutual trust is one of the prominent ingredients of a long-lasting relationship. Of course, you can’t instantly detect if someone is worth your trust or not because it requires a certain time full of events that help people show their qualities. Honesty is one of the first green flags you should look for.

  1. Your worldviews are similar

There is a popular saying that opposites attract. But is that real? You probably see or read many stories about people whose relationships transform into huge love after long years of hatred. In fact, partners should look in the same direction instead of constantly staring at one another. Do you have similar views on “big” issues?

  1. This relationship triggers your self-development

Any person we meet in a life is supposed to teach us something. Since your girlfriend likely plays an eminent role in your life, she should somehow influence your growth. If your communication makes you more mature, enlarges your circle of knowledge and interests, and helps fix your weak points – congrats!

  1. Your couple has the potential

What about your future? It is definitely hard to plan out your entire life and if you can imagine it together with this woman, she is apparently who you need. It doesn’t mean you have to schedule your prospective family life, just try to measure the probability and you will understand.

Dating a New Girl

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