8 famous people who have married to their cousins

Yes, it is very true that love doesn’t see religions, regions or age but some people have taken love to whole new level by marrying their cousins.

Well, today we have brought a list of famous people who married to their cousins.

Let’s get started:

#1 Kevin Bacon – the famous American actor married to Kyra Sedgwick and they’re ninth cousin.


#2 Saddam Hussein – The Iraqi dictator married his first cousin Sajida Talfah Hussein.


#3 Albert Einstein – Einstein married Elsa Lowenthal as his second wife who was his cousin.


#4 Queen Elizabeth II – Prince Phillip and the present-day Queen of England, Elizabeth II are actually second cousins.


#5 Edgar Allan Poe – Famous American writer married to his cousin.


#6 Jerry Lee Lewis – Famous singer married to his first cousin Myra Gale Brown when he was just 22.


#7 Franklin Roosevelt – Yes, the 32nd president of US was married with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, who was his fifth cousin.


#8 Charles Darwin – He was married to his first cousin Emma Wedgwood.


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