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8 Bollywood celebrities with their weird habits


We often think that celebrities have no weird addiction in their life, but we shouldn’t forget that they are also human beings, hence they can also have some weird addiction or habits.

Well, today we have dug few information about some Bollywood celebrities.

Have a look:

#1 Kareena Kapoor – She has habit of chewing her nails all the time. She tried to get rid but failed miserably.

#2 John Abraham – He has habit of shaking legs all the time.

#3 Sushmita Sen – She has habit of taking bath on open. She has her bathing tub installed on open terrace.

#4 Amitabh bachhan – He has habit of wearing two watches at a time.

#5 Shah Rukh Khan – King Khan has two weird habits; one is that he only takes off his shoes once in a day; And second is obsession towards jeans as he has more than 2000 jeans in his wardrobe.

#6 Rani Mukherji – She is a chain smoker. She sometimes instead of having breakfast, prefers to smoke.

#7 Bobby deol – He has a habit of touching wood after speaking every sentence.

#8 Saif Ali Khan – He has habit of reading, drinking milk while pooping. So he has mini library installed in his bathroom.