7 weird facts about Japan, which will leave you mouth opened

This is not the first time, when we are talking about the weird facts of Japan or the Japanese people. But today we have brought a fresh list, which will surely leave in shock.

Let’s get started:

#1 IN 20s and 30s, around 8,000 adoptions were made of ‘adult men’ each year, so that they can pass their business to a male heir.

#2 Japan has the biggest & strange collection of flavored food.

#3 The GO Signal of traffic lights are Blue in Japan.

#4 Women in earlier days, used to blacken their teeth using vinegar and iron mixture. They found it that time ‘attractive’.

#5 Japanese Animes cover around 60 percentage of total broadcast (whole world) in the same category.

#6 In Japan, Kit Kat comes in several flavors including green tea, soya bean, wasabi and sweet potatoes .

#7 Cigarettes are distributed free in the nursing homes for the aged people.


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