7 shocking celebrity revelations made by their drug dealer

Here are the shocking revelations of 7 celebrities, which I bet you wouldn’t be knowing:

#1 Brad Pitt – Some anonymous drug dealer explained that in 90s, Pitt’s home used to be filled with bongs, rolling papers and various grades of the drug.


#2 Lady Gaga – She used to smoke more than 15 joints a day after the surgery she undergone because of hip injury.


#3 Angelina Jolie – She was when married to Billy Bob Thornton, she used to go to her drug dealer three times a week.


#4 Amanda Bynes – She was accused of stealing the whole stash of marijuana from her drug dealer.


#5 Lindsay Lohan – She once spent around $15,000 on cocaine in one night


#6 Chris Brown – He was so bad at rehab that he was thrown out and sent to jail


#7 Kate Moss – She got a nickname “The Tank” because of her habit of taking three grams of cocaine before every photo shoot.


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