7 fascinating facts about animal kingdom which you didn’t study in school

Just like human’s history, there are also several fascinating facts about animal kingdom which are lesser known to us.

But don’t worry, we are here to reveal you those:

#1 A baby Kangaroo is no bigger than a cherry at the time birth

#2 Flamingo’s brains are actually smaller than their eyes.

#3 Ring-tailed Lemurs can bark like a dog and also meow like a cat.

#4 Hippopotamus’s sweat looks like ‘blood’ because of the red pigment in their glands.

#5 Baboon’s red bottom is actually a kind of leathery seating which helps them to sit comfortably.

#6 Sea Lions can remain inside water for around 10 minutes in each dive

#7 In tortoises, the gender of the babies depends on the temperature at which they are hatched.


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