7 amazing facts about Ben Affleck

I guess there is no need to tell who Ben Affleck is? And especially after his amazing performance in the latest Batman vs Superman: Down of Justice.

So, his amazing performance in the movie leads us to reveal few facts about him.

Let’s get started:

#1 Ben once gave a $3.5 million ring to Jennifer Lopez, but unfortunately they never got married.


#2 When he was young he wanted to have a dog but his mother said that she would get a dog only if he walk with an imaginary dog for a week. Unfortunately, he managed till fifth day.


#3 When he was young, he was fan of Marvel Book character Daredevil, and luckily he got a role of same superhero in 2003.


#4 He along with Matt Damon made around $600,000 by selling script of Good Will Hunting.


#5 He was so good at counting cards that he got banned from playing blackjack at Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino.


#6 Ben after defeating world class players won the California State Poker Championships in 2003.



#7 He dropped his college two times. First from MIT and second from Occidental College.


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