61-year-old punches over the face of a furious bear, survives

If you still think that playing dead, running away or climbing over a tree would help when a furious bear is behind you, then mate you are probably wrong.

A former boxer, Rick Nelson, was in similar situation and he knew that nothing could help him other than facing the situation.

It has been reported that he was on walk with his dog, when suddenly from nowhere a bear cub appeared in front of him. The cub after confronting him, started screaming for momma.

Within seconds, the furious momma bear appeared in front of him.

And Rick knew that bears become very defensive when it comes to their kids. So, he thought to face the situation.

He at one point, punched on the bear’s face.

Luckily, the bear cub moved to another direction, which forced the momma bear to leave attacking Rick and follow her kid.

Rick was left with few scratches over his face.


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