6 most unsafe countries for women in the world

We all know that no any country in the world is 100 percent safe for women, but there are few countries in which crime rates against women are so high that you can’t believe.

Today we have brought a list of six countries which are not safe for women’s at all.

#1 Pakistan – This country has the highest rate of dowry murder, honor killing, early marriage, domestic violence, acid attacks etc.

#2 Brazil – Reports says that in each 15 seconds a woman is assaulted and in each 2 hours one is killed.

#3 Somalia – Around 95 percent of female population between age 4-11 face violence in any form.

#4 The Democratic Republic of Congo – Reports says that around 1,200 women face violence each day.

#5 Afghanistan – Around 87 percent of female population are illiterate and they usually face violence in any form.

#6 India – Around 50 million cases of female infanticide reported in 30 years.


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