6 main differences between girls and women

There is a very narrow line between a girl’s  behavior & thinking and woman’s behavior & thinking. If you are dating someone, you must know who she is, a girl or a woman.

Here are the few differences between girls and women:

#1 Dressing – Girls dress up to get attention whereas women dress up to look pretty, to look beautiful.

#2 Fantasies – Girls have weird, unusual, impossible fantasies which have no link to the real world whereas women go with reality.

#3 Dependency – Girls become completely dependent upon their guy whereas women love to be independent.

#4 Capacity – Girls never stops according to their capacity, they think to grab as much as they can, hence they later end up regretting, whereas women never go for such thing which could turn bad for them.

#5 Public Display – Girls mostly believe in showing off, so they end up telling and showing off about everything they have whereas women don’t want to reveal unless it become necessary.

#6 Conversation – Unlike Girls, women prefer to meaningful talks.


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