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6 innocent habits which can get you in problem


Before going on tour, we should always learn the lifestyle of that country, otherwise we may end up in some problem.

And today we have brought few innocent habits which can eventually cause problem:

#1 In some part of South Africa (especially in tribe’s area), it is offence if you refuse to eat whatever they give.

#2 In China, Thailand and Philippines, people (especially restaurant’s staff) get offended, if you empty your plate completely.

#3 In Japan, people find it rude if you don’t keep your mobile in silent at public places.

#4 In England, cutting queue is something people don’t like at all.

#5 In Russia, giving even numbers of flowers is thought as you are cursing that person.

#6 In Saudi Arabia, saying ‘Hi’ to man by an unrelated woman is supposed as offence.