6 Famous Celebrities who married to their Cousins

You know, in 25 states of United States, marrying first cousin is legal. Well, today we are not discussing on that, but yes, we have brought few famous celebrities names who married to their cousins.

Let’s get started:

#1 Albert Einstein and Elsa Lowenthal – The famous scientist was married to the lady who is said as his cousin. They both were first cousins from mother’s side and second cousins from father’s side.

#2 Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Elenor Roosevelt – The 32nd president of America was married to his fifth cousin.

#3 Martin Van Buren and Hannah Hoes – The eighth president of US, was married to his first cousin.

#4 Queen Victoria and Albert – Queen was married to her first cousin.

#5 Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood – The theorist, who is famous for his theory of evolution, was married to his first cousin.

#6 Saddam Hussein and Sajida Talfah – The Iraqi dictator was married to his first cousin.


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